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711 Innovation Way
Johnson City, NY 13790
At iA, we are led by pharmacists who are committed to working in partnership with pharmacists to unleash the profession — along with the full potential — of pharmacy. With more than 300,000 pharmacists working today, it’s a shame that so many of them spend more time on phone calls with insurers than with patients. It’s our mission to change that. Our software enabled pharmacy automation solutions work tirelessly behind the scenes, so pharmacists have more time to spend with patients and enjoy their roles out front as trusted community healthcare providers. That’s unleashing pharmacy. Everything we do is designed to allow pharmacists to make a difference in the health and well-being of patients. From our PharmASSIST Symphony software to our modular hardware and sophisticated counting and collation devices, iA empowers pharmacists to focus on patient care. iA can run the prescription fulfillment process from end-to-end, helping pharmacies manage fulfillment and inventory to help lower costs, improve efficiency, and provide comprehensive Rx tracking and real-time support.
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