Overbooking of exhibitor rooms in the past has caused hotels to prematurely sell out of rooms and displace attendees. In addition, the increased number of last-minute cancellations can cause financial penalties to the organizers. Therefore, the 340B Coalition has established the following housing policies for exhibitors:

  • Hotel rooms are for qualified exhibitors only. Qualified exhibitors must have submitted a contract for exhibit space prior to receiving the hotel reservation link.
  • All exhibitors must make their hotel reservation through their primary booth contact. Once a booth is purchased, we will provide the primary booth contact with a link to make hotel reservations. 
  • A valid credit card must be provided at the time the reservation is made.
  • Place holder reservations under one person's name will not be accepted. All reservations must have a unique name assigned to each room. 
  • Reservations for guests that are not registered attendees of the conference will be canceled and arrangements will need to be made outside of the conference hotel block(s).
  • If you require a block of 10 or more rooms, you must complete the housing form and include guest names for approval.  If approved, we will submit the list of 10 or more rooms directly to the Gaylord hotel to setup a special block of rooms.
    • A credit card authorization form, sent via secure link, will be emailed to the main group contact. All rooms associated with this request for guest rooms will be billed on one credit card. The credit card will be charged for the entire dollar amount of the block request on June 18.
  • Cancellation Deadline:
    • June 17, 2022 - Cancellations after this date will be charged the full amount (room rate plus tax) per reservation for the entire duration of the stay.

Questions? Contact Robin Hayes Wishom at 202-552-5856 or robin.hayes@340bhealth.org