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 All times listed on the agenda are Eastern Standard Time, please be sure to adjust to your local time zone.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, this event will be held virtually. In order to make it easier for people to attend amidst their busy work schedules, the event will be spread over 5 half-days between July 20-28, 2021. To accommodate attendees across the country, we have designed the agenda to reflect times in the morning for the Pacific time zone and in the afternoon for the Eastern time zone. All times listed below are Eastern Standard Time, please adjust to your local time zone.

Please Note: Sessions indicating a group number are limited to the respective covered entity, industry, or government group(s). See below for a key of stakeholder groups. Please email prior to the event if you have questions regarding your badge group # or attendance to sessions.

Group #  Stakeholder Group
1  Community Health Centers
2  Family Planning Clinic 
3  Hemophilia Treatment Center
4  HIV Clinics, Providers
5  Hospitals (DSH, Rural, Children's, and Cancer)
6  STD Clinic
7  HRSA/340B Prime Vendor Program
8  Federal Government
9  State of Local Government (Medicaid, etc.)
10  Pharmacy Related Firms and Other Businesses
11  Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
12  Press
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Jul 20, 202112:00PM - 1:15PM340B Essentials Part 1: An Introduction to Key 340B Requirements & ConceptsLive/On-DemandRegistered Workshop Attendees340BSC21/WS1P1
Jul 20, 202112:00PM - 1:15PMAudit Workshop Part 1: Preparing for 340B Audits (covered entities only)Live/On-DemandRegistered Workshop Attendees in Groups 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7340BSC21/WS2P1
Jul 20, 202112:15PM - 1:15PMCareer Development Workshop Part 1: Making Work, Work: Counterintuitive Keys to ProductivityLive/On-DemandRegistered Workshop Attendees340BSC21/CDWP1
Jul 20, 20211:15PM - 2:05PMVendor Demo 1Live1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6340BSC21/VDEMO1
Jul 20, 20211:15PM - 2:05PMVendor Demo 2Live1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6340BSC21/VDEMO2
Jul 20, 20211:15PM - 2:15PMBreak: Exhibits Open and Networking OpportunityVirtualAll340BSC21/DAY1BK1
Jul 20, 20212:15PM - 3:15PMCareer Development Workshop Part 2: Productivity in the Time of COVIDLive/On-DemandRegistered Workshop Attendees340BSC21/CDWP2
Jul 20, 20212:15PM - 3:30PM340B Essentials Part 2: Building Your 340B Knowledge and NetworkLive/On-DemandRegistered Workshop Attendees340BSC21/WS1P2
Jul 20, 20212:15PM - 3:30PMAudit Workshop Part 2: Nuts & Bolts: 340B Audit DataLive/On-DemandRegistered Workshop Attendees in Groups 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7340BSC21/WS2P2
Jul 20, 20213:30PM - 4:30PMExhibits Open and Networking OpportunityVirtualAll340BSC21/DAY1BK2
Jul 21, 202111:00AM - 11:50AM340B Lessons From the Field (Part 1)Live/On-DemandAll340BSC21/LESSONSP1
Jul 21, 202111:00AM - 11:50AMSocial Media Is Not Just for Pet Videos, It's for 340B, TooLive/On-DemandAll340BSC21/SOCIALMEDIA
Jul 21, 202112:00PM - 12:30PMWelcome and The State of 340B: Renewed Hope for the FutureLive/On-DemandAll340BSC21/STATEOF340B
Jul 21, 202112:30PM - 12:50PM340B Update from Office of Pharmacy Affairs: Rear Admiral Krista PedleyLive/On-DemandAll340BSC21/OPAUPDATE
Jul 21, 20211:00PM - 1:50PMTrack 1: Contract Pharmacy BasicsLive/On-DemandAll340BSC21/CTPHBASICS
Jul 21, 20211:00PM - 1:50PMTrack 1: 340B Drug Pricing Program Operations and Best PracticesLive/On-DemandAll340BSC21/OPERATIONS
Jul 21, 20211:00PM - 1:50PMTrack 2: The Medicare Cost Report for the PharmacistLive/On-DemandAll340BSC21/MEDCOSTRPT
Jul 21, 20211:00PM - 1:50PMTrack 3: PrEP: At a Critical Turning PointLive/On-DemandAll340BSC21/PREP
Jul 21, 20211:00PM - 1:50PMTrack 4: C-Suite Perspectives: Enhancing your 340B OperationsLive/On-Demand1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6340BSC21/CSUITE
Jul 21, 20211:00PM - 1:50PMTrack 4: CHC Expert Session 1: States Blazing a Trail Across the Nation to Protect and Strengthen the Value of the 340B ProgramLive/On-Demand1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7340BSC21/CHCEXP1

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